Growth-Driven, Targeted, and Engaging

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing over the last decade. It is hands down the best way to reach a targeted audience who is either already engaged with you, or ticks all the boxes as a potential customer.

Above all, it provides Connection, Community and Personalized Experience, which are the fundamentals of successful digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing Has a Wealth of Benefits, Including But Not Limited to:

Enables You to Achieve Different Marketing Objectives.

Social media marketing allows you to increase conversions, gain followers, boost awareness, generate leads, and drive traffic while having 100% control of your budget and ad experience.

The Most Cost-Effective Form of Digital Marketing Today.

Social Media Marketing has the potential to reach your target audience at scale while keeping your costs down.

In particular, when your paid social campaigns are expertly managed, you’ll spend less money while converting more loyal customers.

Expands Your Audience in an Entirely New Way.

Not only you can find and retain customers through social media marketing, but it also is the most powerful way to connect with them, with several rich content options and interactive features.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy, Targeting, and Messaging.

The biggest advantage of paid social is having access to huge user data pools across multiple channels, available freely to advertisers.

As a result, you will be able to target the right people in a smarter way and more effectively. 

Retargeting Existing Audiences.

Social Media Retargeting allows you to connect with audiences who’ve already visited your site or took a specific action that you consider valuable to your business.

Consequently, it can reintroduce them to products and services that they are already interested in and encourages them to return to your site and convert.

Everything is Trackable, Measurable, and Attributable.

Social Media Marketing provides you with dozens of metrics to track according to what you consider is important for your business and marketing goals.

Specifically, these metrics can help you monitor the performance of your campaigns and determine if your strategy was successful over time.

How Can I Help?!

I will help you craft a cohesive cross-channel brand voice and messages, and then put them in front of a finely tuned audience. 

The provided social media marketing strategy, execution plan, and ads will be tailored to achieve your unique business objectives.

At the same time, I will ensure that your marketing budget is invested wisely and that you get the right balance in your ads.

The provided social media marketing solutions include advertising on any of the major social media networks, including:

This is How I Do It (The Process)

1. A Growth-Driven Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Starting by developing a clear and concise social media marketing strategy according to your business objectives.

The strategy will include information about your target audience, targeting specifications, bidding strategies, and cross-channel advertising funnels.

In particular, this will help you to micro-target different audiences with personalized messaging at scale.


Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions for Ultimate Efficiency

While I offer Social Media Marketing as a stand-alone service, I also provide it as a component of Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions, to ensure that your business is covering all the digital marketing basis, seizing all growth opportunities, and getting the best results.

The Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions Incorporate:

Digital Marketing Research.

Digital Marketing Strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Social Media Marketing.

Inbound Marketing.

Content Marketing.


Extra Convenience with Online and Remotely Managed Services

Since we are living in a dynamic and digital world, and taking into consideration the current health and safety concerns; all of my services can be provided and fully managed online and remotely, with the ability to work alongside your in-house team as a partner or individually, in order to achieve your business goals, whatever the finish line looks like for you.


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Karim Alashi
I took an inbound marketing course with him. It was very informative and powerful. I highly recommend this course. It... will improve your performance. Great jobread more
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Dana Baradei
Beyond thrilled to have collaborated with MAR! The consultation was thorough and all-encompassing. The insight offered... was informative, current, and extremely professional. I am very much looking forward to working with MAR on a marketing strategy and highly recommend the company’s work! MAR is definitely a digital marketing force to be reckoned more
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Saad Raad Hannoudi
I was honoured to get the free digital marketing consultation from Mr. Mohamed that he is offering this month! He is... so professional, helpful and has a passion on this field, if he likes your business he will give much information more than what the consultation includes, I thought it will be less than 30 minutes but we ended the call after almost 3 hours😀 I recommend him for more

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