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A Digital Marketing Expert and Consultant, providing a wide range of freelance integrated digital marketing solutions that can help you grow your business, boost your marketing performance, strengthen your online presence, and seize all growth opportunities. Let me help you evolve your digital footprint without the hassle.

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Digital Marketing Expert and Consultant

Whether you are looking to expand your business visibility and reach, raise consideration of your products and services, increase engagement and drive traffic to your online channels, generate and nurture qualified leads, or drive valuable conversions, I will provide you with growth-driven digital marketing solutions that are tailored to your business needs in order to achieve your marketing objectives and deliver value to your business.


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All What You Need to Know About Omni-Channel Marketing

Customers nowadays tend to use several different channels and devices in a single purchase cycle.
I’m sure that Omni-Channel Marketing is a term that you hear a lot these days.
But what does it really mean?! How would it help your business adapt to the ever-changing buyer’s journey?! And how can you implement it?!

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5 Pro Tips to Boost Marketing Performance

Marketing is an ever-changing, constantly evolving field. What worked just a few years ago may be completely irrelevant today. You must be willing to adapt to change and new techniques as they occur.
Here, I will share with you 5 pro tips that will help you boost your marketing performance, strengthen your online presence, and evolve your digital footprint.


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Karim Alashi
Karim Alashi
I took an inbound marketing course with him. It was very informative and powerful. I highly recommend this course. It... will improve your performance. Great jobread more
Dana Baradei
Dana Baradei
Beyond thrilled to have collaborated with MAR! The consultation was thorough and all-encompassing. The insight offered... was informative, current, and extremely professional. I am very much looking forward to working with MAR on a marketing strategy and highly recommend the company’s work! MAR is definitely a digital marketing force to be reckoned with.read more
Saad Raad Hannoudi
Saad Raad Hannoudi
I was honoured to get the free digital marketing consultation from Mr. Mohamed that he is offering this month! He is... so professional, helpful and has a passion on this field, if he likes your business he will give much information more than what the consultation includes, I thought it will be less than 30 minutes but we ended the call after almost 3 hours😀 I recommend him for everyone.read more

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